VOA 기본어휘 1500 - 6 page
약어 설명
n. (noun, 명사) - a name word
v. (verb, 동사) - an action word
ad. (adjective/adverb, 형용사/부사) - a describing word
prep. (preposition, 전치사) - a word used to show a relation
pro. (pronoun, 대명사) - a word used in place of a noun
conj. (conjunction, 접속사) - a joining word
1. 리스트에 나오는 20개의 단어를 영어로 이해 & 암기
2. 로그인 후 연습문제 클릭
3. 10개의 문제 중 7개 이상 맞히면 통과, 다음 페이지 도전

이런식으로 한 페이지씩 통과하다 보면 기본어휘 1500개를 영어로 이해할 수 있게 됩니다. 마지막 페이지까지 모두 통과하면 왜 영영사전을 보라고 하는지 이해하게 되고, 영한사전보다 영영사전을 찾게되는 자신을 발견할 수 있을겁니다.
[n] something round
[n] a device of strong, light material that rises when filled with gas lighter than air
[n] a piece of paper used for voting
[v] to not permit; to stop; n. an official restriction
[n] an organization that keeps and lends money
[v] to prevent or block
[n] anything that blocks or makes an action difficult
[n] a military center; v. to establish as a fact ("Her research was based on experiments.")
[n] a fight between opposing armed forces
[v] to live; to happen; to exist
[v] to hit again and again
[n] that which pleases the eye, ear or spirit
[prep] for the reason that ("He left because he was sick.")
[v] to come to be
[n] a sleeping place
[prep] earlier
[v] to do the first part of an action; to start
[ad] at the back of; in back of
[v] to think; to feel sure of; to accept as true; to trust
[n] an instrument that makes a musical sound ("a church bell")