VOA 기본어휘 1500 - 4 page
약어 설명
n. (noun, 명사) - a name word
v. (verb, 동사) - an action word
ad. (adjective/adverb, 형용사/부사) - a describing word
prep. (preposition, 전치사) - a word used to show a relation
pro. (pronoun, 대명사) - a word used in place of a noun
conj. (conjunction, 접속사) - a joining word
1. 리스트에 나오는 20개의 단어를 영어로 이해 & 암기
2. 로그인 후 연습문제 클릭
3. 10개의 문제 중 7개 이상 맞히면 통과, 다음 페이지 도전

이런식으로 한 페이지씩 통과하다 보면 기본어휘 1500개를 영어로 이해할 수 있게 됩니다. 마지막 페이지까지 모두 통과하면 왜 영영사전을 보라고 하는지 이해하게 되고, 영한사전보다 영영사전을 찾게되는 자신을 발견할 수 있을겁니다.
[ad] one or more of no special kind
[v] to express regret for a mistake or accident for which one accepts responsibility
[v] to take to a higher court, person or group for a decision; to call on somebody for help
[v] to show oneself; to come into sight; to seem
[v] to name; to choose ("appoint a judge")
[v] to agree with; to agree to support
[n] the scientific study of past human life and activities
[n] any place or part of it
[v] to offer reasons for or against something; to dispute; to disagree
[n] military equipment; weapons
[n] military ground forces
[ad] on every side (of)
[v] to seize a person for legal action; to take as a prisoner
[v] to come to a place, especially at the end of a trip
[n] expressions or creations by humans, such as paintings, music, writing or statues
[n] big guns
[conj] equally ("as fast as"); when; while
[n] the part left after something burns
[v] to question; to say something is wanted ("We ask the teacher questions every day.")
[v] to help